Chakras are the energy centres in the body.  There are 7 main energy centres and 72,000 channels running through the body called ‘nadis, or meridians, via which energy flows through the body, from the energy centres.

Blocked chakras, mainly due to emotional imbalance or stress, will eventually manifest as physical illness.  Hence it is of paramount importance to keep these centres and channels clear, open, and running freely and smoothly.

We will look at each of these centres in turn.  Each will appear as an independent article published every week.


Root Chakra – I exist

Sanskrit name – ‘Muladhara Chakra’ Literally translates as ‘Root’.

RED in colour

LOCATED at the base of the spine, tailbone area.

YOUR foundation, connection to earth and feeling of being grounded.

CONTROLS survival issues; finances and food.

IMBALANCED by financial loss, death of near and dear ones.

IF imbalance, will feel resentment, insecure, envy, ‘I deserve better than this’.

BALANCED root chakra – feel safe, comfortable in your own skin, secure, positive, live here and now.



  • pain/discomfort in the legs, feet and knees
  • sciatica
  • mental OCD
  • physical paralysis
  • depression bowel issues / constipation.

CRYSTALS – Ruby and Jasper
AROMA OILS – Black pepper and Cedar wood
RED COLOUR foods – beets and carrots, cayenne pepper
YOGA – Tadasana and bridge pose


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