Laying on stones is a therapeutic methodology which has close links with mysticism and spiritualism. This technique is implied to cleanse the aura of a being and to free him from negative energy. Laying on stones is said to have miraculous effects on the subject matter as this methodology eases the emotional burden a soul, bears.

Dynamics of Laying on Stones Technique

In this technique, the receiver is made to lie down with crystals and gemstones placed on his uncovered body as it is believed that these ancient rocks have the ability to absorb the negativity surrounding the receiver. In return, the stones invigorate the receiver with healthy thoughts and positive energy and hence the cleansing process is completed.

How Does the Laying on Stones Process Occur?

  1. The first step is to select the gemstone or crystal of your choice.
  2. Wash the stones in salt water.
  3. Make sure the rocks are readily available once you have lied down.
  4. Lie down in a position in which you are entirely comfortable. Work on your breathing. Make it more rhythmic.
  5. Start placing the stones on your body either from top to bottom or conversely. The manner of placement of stones is indicative of your intentions and your purpose of carrying this activity.
  6. You can hold stones in both hands along with placing them on your body.
  7. After the strategic placement of rocks, rest for a while. Breathe in and breathe out evenly. Meditate for as long as possible. This meditation helps trigger the process of relief from anxiety, stress and muscle relaxation.
  8. When the stones start to roll off your body, take it as an indication that the therapy session has ended.
  9. Transit back to the real world and treat yourself with a seasonal fruit.
  10. It is thought to be helpful if you jot down your experience in a diary.

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