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Spirulina Powder

The 100% organic, gluten free, and vegan-friendly Spirulina is a natural superfood produced in the small cottage industry on the beautiful South Coast Island of Mombasa, Kenya. Adequately produced in a natural environment free from metallic pollution, Spirulina is the best natural, most complete, and readily digestible protein source available to man.


Exactly what makes Spirulina so important and a must have?
Fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants, Spirulina increases energy levels and boost the immune system. Apart from this, it is perfect for skin health and good eye health. Spirulina also improves the digestive system, reduces inflammation, and helps speed up recovery from workout or illness.
Do you wish to detox your body and maintain a toxin free body?
Spirulina is the perfect aid. What makes it so amazingly perfect is that it is actually suitable for all ages. Spirulina is therefore perfect for the whole family.


What are you waiting for?
Order for yours now, and experience the inherent benefits of this futuristic superfood.


“Spirulina is the best food for the future and the most ideal food for mankind” United Nations



(100 Capsules)

Spirulina & Moringa Powder

Moringa is generally noted to be the most nutritious and useful vegetable tree on earth. On the other hand, the United Nations describes Spirulina as the best food for the future, and the most ideal food for mankind. Because we are committed to your sound health and wellness, we have succeeded in producing the world’s first ever Spirulina and Moringa blend in capsule form.
Produced in the natural environment of Mombasa, Kenya, our blend of Spirulina and Moringa is free from metallic pollution and is exclusive to


Why should you purchase the Spirulina and Moringa blend in capsule form?
Our blend promotes good memory and alertness, good skin, hair and nails, as well as optimizes healthy functions of all the major organs in the human body.


Apart from increasing energy levels and boosting your immune system, our blend is also adequately fortified with iron and calcium, and support normal sugar levels.


Do you seek longevity?
Our special Spirulina and Moringa blend in capsule form is what you need.



Moringa’s nutritional property is undisputable :

96 Bio available nutrients

25 multi vitamins

46 anti-oxidant compounds

36 anti-inflammatory compounds

18 amino acids

Omega 3, 6 & 9



Worlds most complete supplement.

10 times the vit A of carrots

25 times the iron of spinach

15 times the potassium of bananas

17 times the calcium in milk

9 times the protein of yogurt

4 times the fibre of oats.



(100 Capsules)

Copper Pot



Weight: 8 pounds
Dimensions: 4.6, upper diameter – 4.6, base diameter – 5 inches approx





Flushes kidneys & gastrointestinal tract
Tonic for the liver, spleen & lymphatic system
Helps maintain healthy digestive system
Helps absorption of Iron
Stimulates the brain
Produces melanin
Regulates working of thyroid gland
Helps relieve arthritis & inamed joints
Slows down ageing
Aids in weight loss
Helps control anaemia
Helps wounds to heal faster
Helps maintain cardiovascular health & beats hypertension



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