Welcome Amee Holistic

Yoga & Massage 


While deeply rooted in the principles of ancient Ayurveda, Amee Holistic provides a range of contemporary spa treatments and massage therapies that heal, nurture and invigorate your mind, body and soul.


Enter the realm of relaxation that is Amee Holistic, and unwind with a deep tranquil massage, we also provide auricular acupuncture treatments and the full range of what custom designed holistic treatments has to offer.


My passion is to offer a personal service, tailored to the needs of the individual client. My aim is that ALL of my clients leave as content, relaxed and healed as they possibly can.

Why choose Amee Holistic

Mind Relaxing

Relaxing your mind is the secondary after-effects to having a massage with Amee Holistic, helping you escape from the world and be more at peace within your mind. Relieve the pressure of your mind today with Amee Holistic.

Special Guides

Massage, Yoga and Beauty therapy, all effective in giving you the therapies you deserve, built to your specifications to provide the best massage possible. Catering specifically to how your body works.

Natural Atmosphere

The art of Feng Shui was heavily considered when designing the zone in which Amee preforms her massages for her client. To create an atmosphere of serenity and peace is difficult, however Amee Holistic went above and beyond to create the perfect atmosphere for her clients.

Healthy Life

Not only does Amee holistic provide you with amazing therapies, but is also an advocate of healthy eating and supplementing. Providing supplements such as Spirulina tablets, Moringa powder and other health products such as copper pots and much more.